in loving you, i don’t want you to feel (as young lovers often do) that i’m The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To You

rather i want to follow you around endlessly and leap over myself to open every sort of door for you, just to be by your side through so many diverse and wondrous experiences that i may witness each of countless Best Things That’ve Ever Happened To You, as they happen, time after time after time.

in loving you, i want to get to watch these Best Things widen your eyes and shift your perspective and re-sort your priorities — the endless minor moments that will feel like movies, the conversations that will collapse into euphoric, delirious tears and laughter, the collated startings and endings of innumerable stories, and so many Best Things that you won’t even be able to recall them all. i want to get to watch each day change you into someone new,

and in loving you, i want to love that new someone too.
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