there’s a comfort to be found on the occasion that i manage to have a bad day on the same day a friend is having theirs. it’s so easy and right just to toss my stuff into the back of the car to make room in the passenger seat; let’s talk about it, what happened, how are you feeling about that? i think it’s the same comfort one finds in paying for lunch — no no, let me get it this time, no no, i insist. of course, i’ll let you get the bill next time we go out.

but truthfully it’s an honor to make this one piece into something you don’t have to think about. it feels better to hold the space to care for you than it does to take it for myself. it makes me feel like maybe i didn’t need that space at all anyway, if it was so easy to throw it in the trunk. i don’t think i‘ll ever let you pay for lunch.
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